Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Hi friends :D Happy Tuesday! Boy I've had a long day. We started rehearsals for my show again today, and I'm pretty beat. We rehearse outdoors, and the show is highly physical.

Needless to say, I had only one thing on my mind when I walked in the door...

Smoooooothie <3

1/2 banana
couple honkin' spoonfuls of pumpkin
almond milk
1 scoop Sun Warrior

Back tracking to yesterday, I went to the zoo!!

We saw many animals...

See the lion?

And had a lot of fun

I loved spending the afternoon with my amazing friends, but I couldn't help shake this feeling of discomfort. So many of the animals, especially the cats, were pacing. A lot were also just sitting there. Many of the guests were incredibly loud, so I could imagine that the animals were stressed out. I hadn't visited the zoo since I started becoming more conscious and aware of my animal consumption. Lately, I have begun eating meat again that comes from reliable sources. But since going to the zoo, I couldn't shake this sympathetic feeling toward these creatures. And just because animals that we eat aren't in the zoo doesn't mean I shouldn't be feeling the same sympathy for them. I'm still doing some reflecting, but I am considering options to take from here. In the ideal world, I would be vegetarian, but my body responds very well to animal protein. Decisions, decisions...

What are your opinions about the zoo? I am well aware that zoos are research institutions that exist to ultimately save animals and their habitats as well as provide severely endangered species a home which can save animals from extinction, but I zoo environment is not that same as an animal's natural habitat. What do y'all think?

I'm off to watch me some jeopardy. See you tomorrow! xoxo


  1. I too have really mixed feelings about the zoo and havent yet decided how I feel about them ie are they more harmful or helpful? Is this the dc or bmore zoo? :)

  2. i have mixed feelings about the zoo... i would rather see the animals in their natural habitat..

  3. I like going to the zoo for educations purposes and fun for my little M but it always makes me sad seeing these animals locked up. They all look kind of sad to me? Or it could just be me casting my exhaustion at hauling two kids around the zoo on them. LOL

  4. Hello! I see you're from Maryland as well...oh and I love the zoo! I feel like if animals in the wild cannot survive it's totally ok to put 'em in the zoo to recover AND I think it's a great way for kids to learn and respect nature and wildlife!

    Loving your blog girl!

  5. i agree - i have mixed feelings about zoos! i know some zoos do a great job with their animals and education/conservation programs but i'm sure others do not. and i just feel wild things belong in the wild!

  6. I think some zoos are much better than others. I love looking at the monkeys, koalas, and other adorable animals, and I really need them to be happy and healthy in their home.

  7. I totally agree about zoos. As cute as the animals are, I always feel bad watching them just pace around. They need to be in their natural environment! Glad you had fun with your friends though:)